Blurring the Lines Between Art and Industry in Maryland

We are excited to announce that Magma Build Studios was recently featured on the “Made in Maryland” program on Maryland Public Television. The episode highlighted our innovative collaboration with Direct Dimensions, blending traditional craftsmanship with advanced 3D imaging technology. This partnership showcases our contributions to Maryland’s dynamic manufacturing and artistic community. By exploring the intersection of art and industry, the episode shows how companies like ours are revolutionizing creative expression and industrial processes through digital design, 3D imaging, and additive manufacturing.

The “Three Graces” Project: A Showcase of Innovation

A significant highlight of the episode is the “Three Graces” project, a collaboration between Magma Build Studios, Direct Dimensions, and artist Joseph Sulkowski. This project exemplifies the seamless integration of digital and traditional fabrication methods. Michael Raphael, founder of Direct Dimensions, emphasizes their role in capturing the physical world digitally, using tools like lasers, scanners, and drones to create precise 3D data sets. “Most of what we do is about taking things from the real world and putting them into the computer,” he notes. This digital data is vital for us to bring complex art pieces to life, ensuring every detail is captured and replicated with perfection..

The Three Graces
Oil on canvas

48″ x 60″

Love, Beauty and Joy are symbolized by THE THREE GRACES.
They represent the essential nonlinear qualities of divinity itself. Mythologically, the Graces are vital metaphors epitomizing a sense of actual participation in a realization of transcendence, infinity and abundance.

“The Three Graces” oil painting that inspired the project

Three graces project

Photo shows the final result from ” The Three Graces” project

Aric Wanveer, founder of Magma Build Studios, describes our work as “artistic industrial manufacturing.” We use diverse materials and cutting-edge technologies to create architectural features and art installations. Our work on “The Three Graces” showcases how we transform artistic vision into reality, combining meticulous craftsmanship with advanced technology. Wanveer reflects, “I had always looked up to people that created things and had an impact.” This approach drives us at Magma Build Studios, where every project combines artistic vision with industrial precision.

Looking Ahead

As technology advances, we are ready to lead Maryland in advanced manufacturing. Integrating AI and emerging technologies will democratize creation and expand possibilities. We are excited to be at the forefront of this transformation, continuously finding new ways to blend art, design, and technology. Our innovation not only drives our projects but also enhances Maryland’s reputation as a creative and technological hub.

For more details on the “Three Graces” project and other innovative work, watch the full episode of “Made in Maryland” here.

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