Art Fabrication

An Artist’s Secret Weapon

Your production team should be an extension of your vision. They need to understand your passion and the story you’re creating. The Magma Build Studios team consists of artists and skilled crafts people. We’ve studied the work that inspired you and we love a challenge.

We Get Your Aesthetic Vision

When you work with Magma Build Studios, you have a partner who respects your original vision and works through the production requirements to bring it to life. It’s a creative collaboration.

Magma Build Studios does more than fabrication for specific visions. We partner with art consultants and designers to fill spaces in both residential and commercial projects. Whether it’s your design or ours, Magma Build Studios is ready to collaborate with you.

Featured Projects

Vox Machina

Various Locations

No detail was overlooked while developing this oversized, 24K gold boombox with Lyle Owerko.

Le Meridian Hotel

New York City, NY

Standing in the lobby at Le Meridian hotel in Central Park South is truly an experience. Magma Build Studios collaborated with ARTECHOUSE to create the large, mesmerizing lobby art piece.

Light Fiber Exhibit


ARTECHOUSE is known for their innovative art forms. Magma Build Studios helped bring their concepts to life, including this exhibit exploring how light travels through fiber.

Art Fabrication Gallery

Make Us Your Partner

There is a reason numerous artists trust Magma Build Studios. Our team helps artists from developing prototypes and testing concepts to final production and installation.

What We Do

Magma Build Studios is a multi-discipline design fabrication studio with offices in Baltimore and Brooklyn. 

Architectural Interiors

Oversized double hung doors, ADA-compliant brass railings, and intricate wall systems are all part of our portfolio. We're an architect's best friend.

Furnishings & Decor

The furnishings and décor that define your space reflect your aesthetic vision. You want people to say “Wow”, so let us help you make that happen.

Glass Faucets

Make the faucet the center of attention in your kitchen, bath, or bar. Our Tapologie faucets are durable, functional pieces of art.

Decorative Lighting

Our hand-made wall sconces, lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures range from simple to elaborate and everything in between. 

Art Fabrication

Your production team should be an extension of your vision. Magma Build Studios studied the work that inspired you and we love a challenge.

With Our Team, There Are No Limits.