Metal Fabricator in Baltimore & Brooklyn

A Personalized Approach to Metal Fabrication

Magma Build Studios is a custom metal fabricator with locations in Baltimore, Maryland and Brooklyn, New York. Since 2006, our team has created countless brass, steel, and copper pieces for various industries. We have the metal fabrication capabilities to produce everything from high-polish casino railings and large sculptures to intricate decor and residential lighting.

What separates Magma Build Studios from other metal fabrication shops is our personalized approach to each project and customer. Our team takes the time to understand your vision and the needs of the final project before exploring different metal fabrication options. We have a deep understanding of different metals and the advantages of each. We can also identify cost-saving metal fabrication solutions and methods for expediting production, such as using brass plated steel instead of solid brass.

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Skilled at Various Metal Fabrication Techniques

With a deep understanding of various metal fabrication techniques, including 3D printing, casting, soldering, brazing, welding, and more, our skilled craftsmen can tackle projects of any scale or complexity. Whether you’re in need of customized components, architectural accents, sculptures, or furnishings, our expertise and attention to detail ensure exceptional results.

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Proficient in Copper, Bronze, and Brass Metal Fabrication

Among the vast array of metals used in architectural fabrication, brass, bronze, and copper stand out for their unique characteristics and applications. Whether you’re envisioning a durable architectural component or an intricate decorative masterpiece, understanding the distinctions between different metals is essential in bringing your ideas to life.

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Expertise in Metal Finishes: Polished, Patina, Brushed, and More

Metal finishes offer a plethora of options for enhancing the allure and durability of architectural fabrications. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of polished brass, the textured sophistication of brushed bronze, the artistry of patinas, or the protective benefits of clear coats and paints, Magma Build Studios has the metal finishing capabilities for the job.

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A Partner for Metal Fabrication

The best ideas become the best outcomes when everyone works together to find the solution. Our process is designed to take your vision from inspiration to reality. We work with customers to innovate, iterate, and execute ideas in a way that balances aspiration with affordability. Our team considers all factors of the project before presenting the fabrication approach and finalizing material selection.

Magma Build Studios: Expertise & Dedication

Remember, the key to successful metal fabrication lies in partnering with experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of working with different metals. Our knowledge and skills ensure that your projects are executed with precision, resulting in exceptional products that leave a lasting impression.

If you have been looking for a collaborative metal fabrication partner with a unique range of expertise and technical skills, look no further than Magma Build Studios. Our team of experienced metal fabricators are ready to bring your ideas to life.

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