Decorative Lighting

From the hospitality world to commercial spaces to your home, decorative lighting from Magma Build Studios is the solution. Our hand-made sconces, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures range from simple to elaborate and everything in between.

Traditional Materials with Modern Technology

Essential to every space, lighting can be as simple or sophisticated as your aesthetic.

Our custom pieces are fabricated in-house of every conceivable material, in designs that range from custom reproduction fixtures to an array of contemporary styles. Early design collaboration leads to economical material selection and fabrication techniques that maximize design impact.

Featured Projects

Oversized Oktoberfest Chandeliers

Baltimore, MD

Located in the original 1898 Crown Cork & Seal building, the Guilford Hall Brewery features multiple hospitality spaces with different needs. Our team supported the transformation from a factory into a bustling beer hall including custom fandelier entrance lighting and large Oktoberfest chandeliers. 

Complementary Brass Fixtures

Manhattan, NYC

The Deco Food + Drink in Manhattan features numerous lighting installations from Magma Build Studios. Working closely with interior designers, we created a combination of lighting pieces that work seamlessly together throughout the space.

Magma Build Studio’s work included chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, and column lighting.

Illuminating Accents

Maryland Suburbs

These oversized sconces were built to add light throughout the foyer without distracting from the owner’s expansive art collection.

Decorative Lighting Gallery

Get Turned On

If you aren’t excited by commercially available lighting, we know how to get you turned on. Our lighting technicians and skilled artisans are ready to design a lighting solution specific to your space. We can bring your vision to life or help create a new vision together.

What We Do

Magma Build Studios is a multi-discipline design fabrication studio with offices in Baltimore and Brooklyn. 

Architectural Interiors

Oversized double hung doors, ADA-compliant brass railings, and intricate wall systems are all part of our portfolio. We're an architect's best friend.

Furnishings & Decor

The furnishings and décor that define your space reflect your aesthetic vision. You want people to say “Wow”, so let us help you make that happen.

Glass Faucets

Make the faucet the center of attention in your kitchen, bath, or bar. Our Tapologie faucets are durable, functional pieces of art.

Decorative Lighting

Our hand-made wall sconces, lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures range from simple to elaborate and everything in between. 

Art Fabrication

Your production team should be an extension of your vision. Magma Build Studios studied the work that inspired you and we love a challenge.

With Our Team, There Are No Limits.