tapologie reticello blue faucet

Glass Faucets

Featuring Tapologie by Magma Build Studios

Water and glass – a simple and functional combination of materials – used in bottles and drinking glasses for thousands of years. Our patented technology brings glass to your faucet with unsurpassed elegance and remarkable strength.

Custom Glass Faucets

Tapologie glass faucets are extremely customizable. Modify one of our popular designs or work with our designers to develop something truly unique statement.

Each Tapologie glass faucet is made by hand using our patented technology. The process ensures extreme durability with remarkable beauty. 

Featured Faucets

Gold and Silver Leaf

Our master glassblowers can roll the flaming glass over thin leaves of gold or silver. As the glass is blown, the material creates an intricate iridescent pattern.

Jeweled & Etched Faucets

Elevate your custom glass faucet with diamonds or other gemstones. For a truly personal touch, our team can add etching with your family crest or corporate branding. 

Mokume Gane Escutcheon

Using traditional Japanese mokume gane processes or other premium finishes adds sophistication and uniqueness to our glass faucet sets.

Our Glass Faucets as Seen on TV

Tapologie Glass Faucets by Magma Build Studios has been featured on major television networks. View the segments below.

Handcrafted America

How It’s Made

Beauty & Strength

Some glass is fragile, but not ours. And we can prove it.

Tapologie glass faucets may look beautiful and delicate but they’re tough. So tough, in fact, that an F150 Ford truck didn’t even leave a scratch. Handcrafted America’s independent test confirmed our glass faucet durability.

Glass Faucet Gallery

Your Faucet Should Make a Statement

Stop making the faucet an afterthought when upgrading or designing your space. Make the faucet the center of attention. Tapologie glass faucets are memorable and functional pieces of art for your kitchen, bath, or bar. Complete your vision with matching accessories and custom designs. 

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Glass Faucets

Make the faucet the center of attention in your kitchen, bath, or bar. Our Tapologie faucets are durable, functional pieces of art.

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