“Aric Wanveer and Tim McFadden have an unusual problem.

Almost all startup companies go through a period where no one knows who they are – “that’s the nature of startups,” Wanveer said – but theirs is also selling a technology and product most people don’t even know exists.”

That’s how The Daily Record started their article about Magma Build Studios. We included a few other quotes below and you can read the full article here

How we Got Started

“Wanveer and McFadden got their start as artists – Wanveer, a Towson University graduate, specializes in metal work, McFadden, who graduated from Salisbury University in glass blowing.

They began collaborating and experimenting with their materials in 2008 and focused primarily on sculptures until they began to see the practical applications of the process; they founded the company in 2012 so they could patent it.”

Are Glass Faucets Fragile?

“The glass is stronger than people expect – much stronger than bottle glass, which tends to be of very low quality, Wanveer said.”

“Not only are the faucet fixtures sturdy, but they can be made to accommodate LED lights so they appear to glow when illuminated. The company’s colorful lightbulbs are also built to last: they’re lit by small LED emitters which can be removed and replaced cheaply if they break down.””